Photo Guide

It doesn’t need to be a professional photo shoot, but make sure your image is not too blurred, too dark & light. Here is the guide to see what photo to choose to get the best results.

• We accept mobile images.

• Please avoid using any filters

• Please upload the original image instead of a screenshot.

• Make sure your image resolution min 800px ( For better result 1000 to 2000px enough ).

• If you want to scan photos from photos then use the Photo Scan app by google.

Good & Bad Examples of Photos

  • kk

    Self Portrait

  • Couple Portrait

  • Family Portrait

  • The face Must be clear when zooming

  • Old Image

    Scan old images by photo scan app by google

  • Old image low quality

  • Kids Portrait

  • The photo shouldn’t be overexposed

  • Make sure the image not underexposed

  • Photo Good but Out of frame

  • Avoid photos taken at night or with dark lighting

  • The night photo with good lighting

Not sure about the image?

Please send your image to to verify image quality before purchase.